Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dean: We can't win

Here's the latest from Howard Dean.

There are some relevant questions here. Like, how many times has Dean visited Iraq? Has Howard Dean ever been here and spoken with the people actually conducting operations? Where is he getting his information, and how reliable is it?
Truth is, Mr. Dean, we already won this war, and we are now in a security and reconstruction operation. This place will never be completely secure; it never has been in the past. But there is coming a point where we will have put in place enough training and equipment for the Iraqis to secure their own country, and that point is coming sooner than you think. Already, almost a
third of our forward operating bases have been either transferred or closed, and a huge number will be following along very soon.
If you personally would like to believe that our troops are failing, then that is only a reflection of your worldview and what you believe about their ability to do their job. And if you personally desire to label their work as a failure because their success might reflect on a president who you personally hate very deeply, then I have no qualms about questioning your patriotism because your desire to see Bush fail is much stronger than your desire to see America succeed. Given the secondary or even marginal importance you attach to our troops' points of view, I am so glad you were never given the opportunity to be Commander in Chief.


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