Friday, December 30, 2005

Krugman is Back

At the New York Times today, Paul Krugman has a new column. Here is the title and subheading:

Heck of a Job, Bushie
How things have changed in a year.

From a reader's perspective, the title and subheading indicate to you 1) Krugman's level of maturity and objectivity, and, with a little more thought, 2) the entire content of the column.
As a writer or commentator, wouldn't you be personally embarrassed if your point of view were completely predictable all of the time? If people of average intelligence could look at just the title and subheading of your column each week and then deduce in a very short time and with remarkable accuracy the content of the column, wouldn't you feel alarmed at being perceived as a person with no original or unique thinking? I would be deeply bothered, and I would try my best to articulate at least occasionally a new point of view to startle my critics and keep things interesting.
Paul Krugman is steady, consistent, and completely predictable, week after week. And he gets paid for it, too.


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