Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mexico Throws a Fit

From Drudge:

this be the reason Mexico is throwing a fit over the closing of our border?

The idea of a secure border is not at all in need of explanation or apology. It is the very most basic characteristic of a functioning state. If the Republicans were smart (is that a futile wish on my part?), they would challenge anyone who makes the ridiculous argument that this process is somehow anti-immigrant. It is not. It is pro-security, and pro-rule of law. Al Qaeda is very aware that the easiest way for them to get across our border now is to fly to Mexico and live there in luxury for a few years (all funded by U.S. petrodollars), learn Spanish, move to Ciudad Juarez or other easy entry points, and come right across the border to set up a cell.
It's a shame that the Republicans are once again allowing vast amounts of B.S. to go unchecked in this debate, with all kinds of people referring to this as an "anti-immigration" strategy. It is absolutely not. We have no problem whatsoever with legal immigration. This is fence is not anti-immigrant; it's pro- national security.


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