Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Romney Factor, Part III

Take a look at this new article about Romney and the GOP.
It's an angle I hadn't though about before; what he did in turning around the corruption and scandal-ridden Salt Lake Olympics was really incredible. And right now, the GOP is absolutely dripping with corruption. I realize the Democrats in Congress are no better, but the Democrats aren't the ones who claim to want to spend taxpayer dollars responsibly. The Democrats don't even go there.
A Republican Congress passed a $250 billion transportation bill this year, and it was signed into law by a Republican president. It was absolutely sickening to watch. And our current president has never vetoed a bill. Has there never appeared on his desk a bill that crossed the line in terms of fiscal and financial responsibility? Were they all within the margin of acceptable use of taxpayer dollars?
As I have said before, Mitt is the only one with a track record on these things. As much as I love him, Giuliani left NYC's finances an absolute mess. And McCain has been part of the Congress that passed all of these bills. I have seen him voice objections, so that association may not be a fair one, but he was definitely there when these awful decisions were made, as was George Allen. If any of them want the approach Mitt's credibility on fiscal issues before the primaries, they had better start praying for a miracle, fast.


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