Thursday, December 15, 2005

Romney's (and my) Christianity

This post was linked by Glenn Reynolds; after the discussion of McCain comes a very interesting discussion of Romney and his faith. I chimed in a little; essentially what I'll say on that issue is, here is some advice to anyone that might be running against Romney in the Republican primary:
If you run against Mitt Romney in the Republican Primary and you or one of your campaign staffers insults my Christianity to score political points with your "Christian" base, I will write in another candidate on the ballot in the general election.
If you think you can disparage beliefs that define the very core of who we are as a people and then somehow we'll come around and play ball come election day, you are very wrong and you will learn it the hard way on election day when in four or five swing states with 4% or more LDS population, the LDS voters write in a candidate that recognizes their deepest beliefs, and you find yourself dusting off your concession speech.
The best option is for you to accept my Christianity and only hire staffers who fully accept my Christianity as well. Because if one of your staffers is found to be making asinine "Mormons aren't really Christian" remarks in mailings or in any other format or forum during the primaries, it will be understood by us to mean that you agree with that staffer no matter what you say publicly, and you're just having a staffer do your dirty work. We'll see right through it, and we will vote according to our fully Christian conscience.
Consider yourself warned - don't run a Takfiri Christian in the Primaries, and if you're running, don't hire staffers who are Takfiri Christians.

And a note to my fellow Mormons-
What is our relationship to the Republican Party? I wonder if it's like we're like a girl dating a verbally abusive boyfriend, and we stay with him year after year because he's the only boyfriend we've had and we're terrified of being single again.


Blogger Daniel said...

I'm not a big fan of the Republican Party, but the Democrats don’t believe in freedom (this is not to say that many Republicans believe in freedom either). When it matters, I hold my nose and vote for the Republicans.

Principled conservatives believe in free choice and personal responsibility. I think those are important religious and political principles. The problem is that there are precious few conservatives left in the Republican Party.

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