Thursday, January 12, 2006

Record Transfer Of Wealth To OPEC Nations

The Financial Times is reporting that our oil consumption is resulting in record revenues to terror-sponsoring countries. When OPEC countries have increased revenues, here are the ways they spend our money:

Al Jazeera (read the columns in "opinion", and have a glance at their war coverage...)
Wahabbi literature in American mosques
Improved IEDs for killing American soldiers, resulting in a poor security situation in Iraq and a more expensive war with no end in sight
Financing for the Mehdi Army of Moqtada Al-Sadr
Salaries for Jihadist clerics
Subsidies for suicide bombings
More funding for Islamic Jihad (headquartered in Syria)
Purchase of anti-American sentiment among our neighbors, some of whom are close to Mexico, and thus, our border

What is the aggregate dollar cost of dealing with each of these threats?
Oil is definitely the most heavily subsidized source of energy in the world. Wouldn't we be better off subsidizing alternative energy sources until they no longer need subsidies and we are free from oil?


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